Friday, March 10, 2017

The Daffodils are Blooming!!!!! ~
 They are filling the gardens with color, fragrance, pollinators, and joy! The grow laughter was purchased at Sinking Creek Gardens in Ft. Collins, Colorado. A wonderful community garden with a children's garden that I visit each time I am in Ft. Collins.
 Each year since we have lived here, I have planted at least 150 daffodil bulbs. Two years ago, I started ordered from a company that ships their bulbs directly from Holland, Van Engelen Inc.This years bulbs aren't blooming yet!. I procrastinated and put them in the ground on a warm day in January.
                                            These are the different varieties blooming today.

                   There were only two of these beauties with such a deep salmon pink cup.

 This is one of the oldest. I think is if from 1890. I transplanted these from the Episcopal rectory where we lived for many years with a garden filled with tulips as well as daffodils. Here the critters will eat the tulip bulbs like candy!

                 The King Alfred daffodils run the length of the wall and up the driveway.
Some of the tiny little daffodils that smell so sweet. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the daffodils blooming in my gardens. The mountains are alive with spring right now and maybe that snow will stay in Philadelphia!

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