Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April Flowers ~

 Some of the late blooming daffodils blooming in the yard which is a direct result of planting them in January. While all the early ones have faded, these are just blooming.
 Each year the Asheville Botanical Gardens has a spring and fall sale. I purchased this woody poppy at the fall sale two years ago.  It has spread and has two baby poppies.
                  The inner cup is bright yellow and the outer is a very pale lemon yellow.
 These are wild daisies that bloom in one section of the yard. They cover the hill and bloom right after the wild grape hyacinths. The bright yellow flower is a wild strawberry which are everywhere!
 This was the only flowering shrub that was planted in the yard before we moved it. The lilac now has four other lilacs nearby to keep her company.
                                       These actually bloom two to three flowers on one stem.
 This daffodil has a very pale pink inner cup which due to the bright sunshine is not seen very well in this photograph.

                                                  This one has the most amazing smell.
 Beware if you purchase this plant. It takes over. A tiny bit of root on the vinca and it seems to enjoy growing no matter where it lands.

 These are lily of the valley which I purchased from the Southwest Virginia Museum's annual plant sale coming up on April 22 in Big Stone Gap. They have spread and when I came into the garden the fragrance was really sweet. In the side yard, they have yet to bloom.
                                           Some little pinks blooming outside the greenhouse.
 This is where I have been spending a lot of the greenhouse. There are a lot more plants than in this photo. The round leaves belong to nasturtiums.
                                          Primroses from the Museum's annual plant sale.
 Wild geranium dug from a friend's garden before she moved away. They are spreading.
The wild violets are all over the yard. I have asked Ray not to cut the yard until they stop blooming. Their are a few white ones with blue stripes. Hope you enjoyed the visit in the garden.

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