Saturday, May 6, 2017

Early May Flowers ~
                      Just a few of the iris blooming in the gardens this early part of the month on May.

   This is the only peony blooming although there are three plants around the gardens.

 These snapdragons were some I grew from seed last year. They stayed green throughout the winter. I cut them back in the early spring and they are really spectacular!
 These tiny pinks are about the same color as the wild flower that is blooming now: fire pink.
 This is the year for columbine in the gardens. There are the two varieties of the deep blue violet and the rose pink. These plants even grow tiny seedlings in the gravel.

 These flowers are I believe false indigo. There are two varieties and this one has gotten about double the size of the smaller one which is not yet blooming.
These little carnations wanted to be noticed and seem to be here twice. The joy of flowers....

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