Sunday, May 21, 2017

May Flowers After the Rain ~
 Geraniums blooming among the columbine in the front of the house under a very large tulip poplar.
 On a warm day in February, I scattered some poppy seeds. I carefully covered them with soil and waited. This is the first of several poppies that made their way into the gardens.
 Last year, I began growing flowers from seeds in the greenhouse. The snapdragons grew so well last year. Early spring, I cut them back. They have been blooming most of the spring. These were the only variegated blooms.
 Just a few of the snapdragons blooming with one foxglove. Iris leaves stand behind stately.
   About six or so years ago, I bought this bush at Lowe's on clearance. It gets larger every year!
 These are Ray's blueberries. He planted them. He weeds and mulches all the blueberry plants. This plant gives us lots of berries each year. We net the berry bushes when they begin to turn blue. If we didn't the birds would not leave us one berry.
 These sun drops have traveled with me for over 35 years moving from house to home. These are the first to bloom. Easy to transplant and quick to spread.
 A few of the coreopsis which are scattered throughout the gardens. Behind them is the leaf of three let it be. Will be getting rid of that after the rains...
                      This primrose does not spread like the sun drops but is in the same family.
      Right outside the door of the green house is a cluster of sweet william and pinks.
 I grew this butterfly weed, a member of the milkweed family from seed last year. There are now over a dozen milkweed plants throughout the gardens. The newest addition is from the Asheville Botanical Gardens spring sale. No flowers on that one yet...
 Not sure of the name of this, think veronica? It is a very sweet little flower that grows on a very long stem.
 Nestled in among the plants near a butterfly bush is a foxglove. Last year I scattered seeds after a foxglove had bloomed. Several of these are coming up in interesting places.
Angelica among the ferns is a plant that is very invasive. If you have just one tiny bit of a root attached to another plant, it will multiply. It self sows itself and also grows on runners. Deer do not eat the angelica or it would not be spreading into the woods.

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