Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Creating Glass Jewelry

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 While at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts, I sold the necklace I was wearing. It was blue dichroic glass with a dragonfly. I decided to create a new pendant. Cut out dichroic glass. Cut out clear glass a little bit bigger than the dichroic glass.

 This is the glass cutter I use in the studio. Ray uses the same cutter in a different color. We do not use oil in the cutter.
 I use a sheet of copper that is made for fusing in glass. I punch out the dragonflies from the copper.
 Using just a little glastac gel, I glue the dragonfly to the glass. I also use the gel to glue the clear glass to the dichroic glass. I let them sit for a bit.
 Our grandson Ingram happened to be in the studio. He created his own pieces of glass using glass scraps. He has decided that he will make pendants out of his pieces.

                          The kiln is heating up. The pieces will be ready tomorrow to create jewelry.

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