Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Enameling ~

Enameling in the studio requires a few tools. There is the small kiln and just as important are the gloves. Mine have several burn spots on them. The steel tray to put the trivet on and then the large tool to take out the tray.

This is a trivet with a copper piece layered with white enamel. It is sitting on top of the kiln before it goes into a kiln. The kiln will heat up to 1450 before I remove the piece. If you are making earrings or jewelry, always remember to leave a clean hole.
 These are two pieces out of the kiln. They were yellow and I added blue and red in separate firings. When I use enamel powders, I sift the powder on top of New Yorker magazine pages. I throw out the page after it is used...well sometimes I turn it over and use the other side. This keeps the colors from contaminating.
 Some earrings without the sterling silver ear wires. These were lime green and I added a layer of red enameling powder. I really like the result. Will be sharing more enameling processes.

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