Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glass Charms

Recently in one of the art groups, there was a charm swap to celebrate Faery Day on June 12. We posted our favorite colors. I thought why not try to make charms out of fused glass. I found tiny bails on an Etsy site. Each little piece is fused with at least one or two pieces of dicrotic glass. This being my first attempt at these little jewels, I thought why not try again. The next attempt I created glass collages. I cut tiny pieces of glass and layered with glass. They have yet to be bailed.
The same day, I used copper foil successfully on several large pieces. Then, I cut a rather large piece of glass. Placing a copper foil cut out of a bird in flight, I layered a very rainbow dicroctic piece on top. It not only cracked but stuck to the bottom of the kiln tearing the kiln paper. I was able to remove it successfully in several pieces. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Reminding me of life...
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  1. Cool looking fused glass charms Carol. Glad you are playing along in the Charmsters Round Robin.

  2. Nice work, Carol!

    Hey, have you looked at earring bails for charms? They work great and are a bit less expensive than necklace bails.
    Peggy (