Saturday, June 5, 2010

Glass in the Grass

Glass in the grass started as glass which broke into pieces in the kiln. I cleaned it up a bit and placed it in the fountain along with a few other what I am going to do with these pieces. I purchased a fantastic grinder from Delphi Glass. As I was grinding the edges on some red glass charms before firing them this morning, I thought about this piece. Being a little fearless, I took it to the grinder. I ground down the sharp edges and played with it a bit. It has its own creative shape. Not a rectangle, not a triangle, a shape that you might find in a stone or a path that meanders along or a stream flowing. Trying to capture the blue black dicrotic sparkle, I took the piece outside. A hosta leaf was a wonderful soft blue green, but it was just a bit too dark to sparkle. Amazing, each day creating glass seeing how it changes completely in the sunshine.
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