Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Layering Sparkedly Glass

To take a picture indoors under the ott light or to take it outdoors in the sunshine to capture the sparkles in the glass. I got some scrap bulleye glass from ebay. A pound of scrap ends. Cut them into smaller pieces and thought, why not just layer them. The bottom layer is clear green and purple glass. Then the bulleye cut into a rectangle and then a smaller piece. The green small pieces glittered so much in the sunlight, I chose this picture inside the studio. Each time I put pieces into the kiln, I never know what the piece will become. How the heat and the glass dance and take on their own character.
Lately, it has been confetti glass filled with sparkles. That glass is very tricky. I just have to be fearless and keep trying.
May today find you as the Eleanor Roosevelt quote goes, "Do one thing each day that scares you." Or spread your wings each day....
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