Sunday, April 3, 2011

Susan and SARK

Susan to the right worked very hard to bring SARK to Johson City, Tennessee. I participated at a Saturday creative writing SARK session. It was an amazing day. It was transformational. I created a dragonfly drawing at the base of a collage to express my feelings about the day. SARK is a compassionate, kind, caring, creative, woman who shared her talents with us.

We learned to listen ,to mentor, to take micromovents, to speak, to write, to become ourselves.

Susan also had SARK's newest book for sale at a discount. Thank you Susan. SARK had her own juicy pen to autograph our books. If you have an opportunity, buy a SARK book, take a class, or listen to her speak. She brings her rainbow of life and wears the most incredible purple shoes from Bali.

Now that SARK has come to the magical mountains in the spring, she will probably come again.

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