Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birds in Flight, primroses, crocus

Yesterday tornado sightings, lightning blazing across the night sky, inches, literally of rain, and the gravel has washed down the mountain road. Today, the sun is shinning. The rain brought out the spring flowers. The primroses were so pretty, I brought out a new piece of fused glass to take a photo. The butterflies enjoy being among the flowers. This unique piece will become a pendant to celebrate spring.

Birds in flight is a four by four inch glass plate. The blue glass is Bulleye blue aventurine. It sparkles. Can you see the night sky with lots of twinkling stars in the plate. The birds are made out of copper foil flying across the night sky.

Crocus were a little beaten by the rain. I played around with increasing saturation and a few other elements on picassa. Creativity on a beautiful sunny day in the magical mountains of Virginia!
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