Monday, August 6, 2012

Butterflies and Glass Art

 The tiger swallowtail butterflies are flittering everywhere on the butterfly bushes. These are just two of what seem like dozens flying around. Right after taking the photo, one of the butterflies joined with two others and flew into what seemed like a spiral dance catching a bit of the wind. Then, just as quickly, they flew away one by one to find a flower.
 It has been so rainy here. The air was thick with humidity and the sky covered with clouds when I strolled out into the back yard. In the fall, we broke apart a large butterfly bush to move it. This was one of several smaller bushes growing near the mother plant. I planted one on each side of the garden out the back door. They are now over seven feet tall. In between the butterfly bushes are hosta, herbs, and a few flowers.
The Japanese Anemone are just beginning to bloom. This beauty is right next to the door of the studio. It is covered in tight buds just waiting to open. Seems a bit early, as they usually bloom in the coolness of the fall. But then, this has been an unusual spring and summer with lots of rain.
With all the birds, the full moon, stars glowing, I created this plate this weekend. The bird and stars are formed from copper foil. If anyone is interested in any of the art glass or jewelry, just let me know.

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