Thursday, January 8, 2015

Soapstone and antique daffodil pendant

 I found this wonderful antique daffodil pin when a local antique store went out of business. I took off the backing and sanded it really well. I attached a hematite bail to the new pendant. I put it in a safe place which sometimes in this studio is a misnomer. I decided yesterday that I was going to make a necklace with the pin.
 Soapstone is a gemstone that is said to create a positive energy around itself and can exert a calming influence on the person wearing it. The research I went to about the stone added more. It is used when undergoing great changes in one's life and help to prepare you for anything. It is thought to allow your ideas and inspiration to broaden, open, and develop. Soapstone comes in many variations of color. I used more vanilla and creams with some pale green and then used caramel soft browns with copper spacers and antique brass clasp. There are two tiny crystal butterflies and two tiny crystal flowers separating the soapstone. I must have been thinking about Valentines when I added four copper heart shaped beads.

The finished gemstone necklace is a little over 24 inches long. Aren't the daffodils beautiful? ~

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